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Special Education Evaluations

School districts are required to provide evaluations for all children who may need special education services. Initial evaluations include observations, physical evaluations, and a social history.

The Department of Education (DOE) must assess students in all areas of suspected disability, but parents may request more extensive evaluations from the DOE or seek out an independent evaluation.

Evaluations through the The New York City Department of Education

The Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE) coordinates special education evaluations and services for children ages 3-5.

Find your regional office for evaluations and referrals through the Department of Education at

You may also view or download a printable list of Bronx Evaluation Sites.

Independent Evaluations

DOE evaluations do not typically diagnose disorders or address mental health needs. An outside evaluation is usually necessary for a specific diagnosis and is often covered by insurance.

Advocates for Children of New York offers this tip sheet with an overview of special education evaluations so parents know what to expect. More guides and resources may be found at


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