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NYC Preschool and Kindergarten Enrollment

Preschool Enrollment Information (for children age 4)

Early childhood education allows children opportunities to develop important lifelong skills like learning how to share, wait their turn, and listen.

Click the link below to find and tour a New York City preschool, register for email updates, and learn about the application and enrollment process.

Kindergarten Enrollment Information (for children age 5)

Every child in New York City is guaranteed a placement in kindergarten in the year they turn 5, as well as access to services that will allow them to be successful students.

Click the link below to see the application timeline, learn about registration requirements, view school options and sign up for email updates.


The Early Childhood Program is a service of Bronx Independent Living Services. Established in 1983, BILS is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to empowering all people with disabilities to understand and exercise their civil and human rights in order to live fully integrated lives in mainstream society.


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